Brrrrrrr,rr,rr,rr Its Cold

Cold Morning

Its cold down here

It started on Monday, cold, but lots of sun and no wind, a good day for hanging Christmas lights and yard work. Then came Tuesday, colder and steady wind all day long, the wind chill here had to be less than 10 degrees. The wind let up on Wednesday but the air and ground were colder yet, sealing the surface of our Alaska asphalt. Then each successive day it has grown colder yet.

Alaska Asphalt

Alaska Asphalt

Now it is Saturday morning, another bright sunny day and perfect conditions to come to Mill Outlet Lumber and stock up on clean burning Tacoma Firelogs at $5.50 for a 24# box of 8 or $225.00 for a 2000# pallet of 696.

Tacoma Fire Logs

Tacoma Fire Logs

It has been cold all week and will continue a few more days, but it has also been sunny and great weather for building fences. That fact has been proven by the “Brisk” business we have done all week selling fence boards and supplies.Maybe this is why?

The cold has not been the worst part, it is actually the wind, 24 mile per hour wind, which we have seen this week, can make 30 degrees feel like zero. So a well built and designed fence can actually raise the apparent temperature by as much as 30 degrees. Wouldn’t 60 degrees feel good right now? It doesn’t actually work that way, but it sure feels better to get out of the wind.

A well designed fence deserves a well designed gate and while there are too many styles to list, this is by far my favorite.

What to do?

What to do?

So come and buy some Tacoma Firelogs and burn them for heat, or build a fence to block the arctic Blast, or spend 20 minutes posting on the internet, In any case it is another great day to come to Mill Outlet Lumber. 4811 S Tyler st, Tacoma, 253 514 0658


Split Rail Fence

For Split Rail, for you, your neighbors and families

Mill Outlet Lumber

When Railsplitter Abraham Lincoln set out to build or mend some fence he had to start by beating his way through a pile of Chestnut logs or two. Nowadays we have it easy some say, kids not willing to work hard for anything, everything available at the filck of a switch.

I am happy to say that we don’t have to split rail today, having done it myself a time or two, it is so much easier and convenient to make a trip to Mill Outlet for your Split Rail Supplies. Not only are your rails and posts split and ready to go, but they are mortised and tenoned so that they fit right together without giant spikes or precipitous balancing acts.

At Mill Outlet, we stock 1000’s of feet of rail and 100’s of posts in two sizes and varieties. Pony Rail, is smaller and more affordable,, But it also has more…

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Pressure Treated Lumber

At Mill Outlet Lumber we stock more than adequate amounts of common sizes and types of Pressure Treated lumber, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10 and 2×12. 4×4, 4×6 and 6×6. Sizes we do not stock are only 1 day away in most cases because of the regular deliveries we receive from our great partner Allweather Wood. So if you need out of the ordinary sizes like 3×4, 3×6, 3×8, 3×10 or 3×12 call us by noon and you should see it first thing the next day. If large or long timbers are what you need we can do that too in sizes from 4×6 to 12×12 and lengths up to 32′ in some cases, call for specific availability. Pressure treated plywood or fire treated lumber and plywood(pyro-guard).We also have or can get CCA treated round poles in sizes from 3″ to 6″ and lengths from 7′-10′ ,click here for specifics. You may have already known all of this or assumed we have all of these materials available but the real surprise is that we also have ACZA Chemonite ready to ship as well. Treated to .60 UC4-B/C specification (Ammoniacal Copper Zinc Arsenate) is a proven waterborne wood preservative system effective against termite infestation and fungal decay. Wood treated in this way is the standard for docks and wharves in both freshwater and salt water applications. ACZA treated lumber is not for everyone but is you are an industrial user or have a tough to tame pressure treated application, Mill Outlet Lumber is the place to call.

Doug Smith 253 514 0658

ACZA 101213 click for current availability