Shingles And Shakes

Cedar And Shake Mill Outlet

High Quality Western Red Cedar Shingles and Shakes from the heart of the Pacific Northwest

.Western Red Cedar Shingles

Finding good wood shingles can be a challenge sometimes. we know this well since we are constantly on the hunt ourselves. Look to Mill Outlet for consistent high quality and sufficient quantities of Western Red Cedar Shingles.

We source from smaller mills where they take their reputations seriously. The typical sawyer(owner in most cases) has been at it for 30 years or more and several are the second or third generation at their craft.

Shingle mill

You can count on us for excellent quality Shingles whether you come in and pick them up or if we ship them to you at your location.

Call now for Cedar Shingles and Shakes 253 514 0658

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It is our goal to be the one stop, reliable source for common shingle and shake products people are looking for every day.

#2 Western Red Cedar Shingle

Current offering

All Shingles are packed in 25 square foot bundles at 5″ installed exposure which is recommended for roofing application. Most of the shingles we sell are for siding and in that case they can be installed up to 7 1/2″ exposed which yields 37.5 square feet per bundle. Shingles can also be installed with under course up to 14″ exposed which will yield 70 square feet per bundle

#1 Fivex- 16″ 100% old Growth, 100% vertical grain,, most stable and longest lasting shingles

$60.00 per bundle 

#1 Western Red Cedar Shingle

#1 Western Red Cedar Shingle

#2 Fivex-16″ shingle allows second growth and mixed grain but usually one or the other but not both.Nicely cut and added character but probably best to install at smaller exposures

$40.00 per bundle

#2 Western Red Cedar Shingle

#2 Western Red Cedar Shingle

Mill Grade Alaska Yellow cedar perfection-18″ shingle is essentially a #2&#3. The bundles are a little weathered but that is why they are a great deal.

$27.50 per bundle

Mill Grade Alaska Yellow Cedar Shingle

Mill Grade Alaska Yellow Cedar Shingle

#4 perfection-18″ shingles are mainly for under coursing since they allow defect less than 5″ from the butt of the shingle, but some people do use them for rustic siding. Just make sure you use a good weather barrier beneath them.

$15.00 per bundle

#3&4 Western Red Cedar Shingle

#3&4 Western Red Cedar Shingle

Thank You,

Doug Smith

Mill Outlet Lumber

4811 S Tyler St

Tacoma WA 98409









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