Price Lists

Printable Price list and Product offering,,, Prices and offering are subject to change without notice

We provide online price lists as a service to you, to help you plan projects and stay aware of the materials we have to offer. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us because we are happy to help you sort through options or to make recommendations based on our daily experience with building products and the people who use them.

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3 thoughts on “Price Lists

  1. I talked to someone in your company a few months ago about 11 sheets of T-1-11 4×10, 8″ grooves, I thought it was 5/8 but might have been 1/2 @ $18.99 each. Do you still have that deal?

    • I don’t know of anything at $18.88, all of our plywood prices are stable and even amounts. We do not have any 4×10 8″ oc currently, but we do have 4×10 3/8″ 4″ oc for $20.00, 4×10 plain 1/2″ for $24.00, and 4×10 5/8″ plain,and 12″ oc for $28.00. If you can use it we also have 4×9 and 4×8 sizes in 5/8″ 8″ oc for $26.00 and $24.00.,,,,Doug

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