Alaskan Yellow Cedar

You may know us for our broad selection of cedar products and pressure treated lumber, but new to Mill Outlet Lumber is a major commitment to Alaskan Yellow Cedar lumber. Nootka Cypress, yellow cypress, Alaska Cypress, whatever you call it, it is some pretty cool wood. Growing in a range from Oregon, through Washington and Southeast Alaska, at higher altitudes in the south and down to sea level in the north, it thrives in extreme environments and on wet ground. Due to the areas it grows Alaskan yellow cedar grows very slowly with closely spaced growth rings that almost disappear. Because of this tight and consistent grain structure this cedar is a dream to work with, has very good dimensional stability, and is very strong. In addition it is extremely resistant to insects, rot, fungus, even saltwater wood borers. I read recently that Alaskan Yellow cedar posts are even rated better than pressure treated lumber in the case of direct burial in the ground.


At present we are stocking rough cut full dimension lumber in sizes 2×4, 2×5, 2×6, 4×4 and 6×6 in a variety of lengths up to 16′. Coming soon will be additional lengths to fill out our selection up to 16′, 5×5 and surfaced 2×6 select grade decking. Grades are appearance knotty and d&better clear.

DSCF1299 DSCF1301 DSCF1316

#1, R&R, Dry, sanded Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles

#1, R&R, Dry, sanded Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles

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