Cheap gas=Cheap lumber

When gas was over $4.00 per gallon we had many customers travelling from 35, 50 or even 100 miles to save on cedar fence materials and decking. they came to take advantage of good deals and also unique materials that can not be found elsewhere.100 miles both ways at 10 miles per gallon adds up but now with fuel at half the price it is far less of a roadblock.


Our convenient location makes us easily available from the whole south sound area but also the I-5 corridor from Bellingham to Portland as well as East of the cascades and the Olympic Peninsula. Most people are not more than 1 hour away.


Check out our website, or our ads on craigslist for all of the things we carry, or simply call or email with your questions, But when it comes to getting here it can’t be much easier or for the time being, less expensive

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Never too early to plan ahead

It is January 21 st and still a long way from warm summer breezes and blue skies that make the Northwest famous. But the springtime pilgrimage has already begun to Mill Outlet Lumber in Tacoma. Customers planning and even building decks, relentless fence buyers, split rail for decorative yard and functional wetlands or pasture projects.

The real push right now though is preparing for springtime gardening. Every day customers are buying #3 garden cedar for their raised bed projects, benches, trellis’s and arbors. At Mill Outlet we probably have the best and broadest selection of cedar lumber for these projects available in our region. everything from 1×2 – 2×12, smooth and rough, clear and knotty, something for every taste and budget. Just set your expectations and we should be able to match them

The thing about raised bed gardening is that you can more effectively control, moisture heat and air flow along with soil quality. Now is the time to get them built and filled to allow nature to do its work with microbial and fungal growth that will help your vegetable plants root system to be most efficient.

Don’t wait, come and get it and you will be rewarded come summertime.

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oversize rougher head cedar

oversize rougher head cedar