More on Compressed Sawdust Firelogs

Mill Outlet is the outlet for Tacoma Firelogs. Made from 100% compressed sawdust here in Tacoma, they contain no waxes or binders that will deposit residue in your chimney and since they are bound together with nothing more than extremely high pressure you are assured to get consistent density and value for your money.


Fans of fire logs will tell you that they are clean burning and clean to store with none of the dirt, loose bark or insects hitching a ride into the house every time you fill the firebox. And because they are consistently mixed and have very little moisture content they will not pop hot embers across the room to burn a hole in the carpet like cord wood is so famous for.

Something I only learned recently is that compared to cord wood they are a superior option besides being cleaner and safer. a 1 ton pallet of firelogs contains 17 million btu’s of heating energy. That compares with 1 cord of Douglas fir at 17.4 million and Western Hemlock at 15.3 million or Alder at 14.8 million. Furthermore these numbers are based on seasoned wood moisture content of 20% which is as dry as split cord wood can possibly get. Is that the condition of your last load of firewood? 30 percent moisture is probably more realistic for most seasoned wood piles and 50% can be the case for freshly cut wood. Moisture content gas a dramatic effect on useful heat production. The average of Douglas Fir and Alder at 70% moisture content is 13.7 million btu and only 7 million btu’s per cord for 50% moisture content freshly cut wood. This is because up to 38% of the heat produced is only making steam which is going up the chimney instead of radiating heat.

Check the math here

See what Chimney experts have to say

So if there was ever any doubt about the convenience and common sense in burning compressed sawdust for heat it is gone now.

  • Clean burning
  • Clean storage
  • more heat per dollar than firewood
  • recycled byproduct
  • excellent supply
  • no added chemicals or binder
  • Safer

Tacoma Firelogs always in stock, by the pallet for $260.00 per ton or try a box of 8 for $5.50. At Mill Outlet Lumber in Tacoma


Pressure Treated Lumber

At Mill Outlet Lumber we stock more than adequate amounts of common sizes and types of Pressure Treated lumber, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10 and 2×12. 4×4, 4×6 and 6×6. Sizes we do not stock are only 1 day away in most cases because of the regular deliveries we receive from our great partner Allweather Wood. So if you need out of the ordinary sizes like 3×4, 3×6, 3×8, 3×10 or 3×12 call us by noon and you should see it first thing the next day. If large or long timbers are what you need we can do that too in sizes from 4×6 to 12×12 and lengths up to 32′ in some cases, call for specific availability. Pressure treated plywood or fire treated lumber and plywood(pyro-guard).We also have or can get CCA treated round poles in sizes from 3″ to 6″ and lengths from 7′-10′ ,click here for specifics. You may have already known all of this or assumed we have all of these materials available but the real surprise is that we also have ACZA Chemonite ready to ship as well. Treated to .60 UC4-B/C specification (Ammoniacal Copper Zinc Arsenate) is a proven waterborne wood preservative system effective against termite infestation and fungal decay. Wood treated in this way is the standard for docks and wharves in both freshwater and salt water applications. ACZA treated lumber is not for everyone but is you are an industrial user or have a tough to tame pressure treated application, Mill Outlet Lumber is the place to call.

Doug Smith 253 514 0658

ACZA 101213 click for current availability


Fall Is in the air

Fall is in the air again, and that means football, leaves and rain. It also means it is the best time to get outdoor chores done since it is cool enough to labor all day and the insects of summer are mostly gone along with the ever present threat of sunburn. It is time to cut firewood for next year and to split rail for fixing fences. No wait, that is way too much work.

Cedar split rail is what we do at Mill Outlet. 2 Rails high, 3 Rails high, standard weight and pony weight, always thousands of feet on hand, enough for any project.

For 2 rails and 1 post, enough to go 10′


We stock through mortised line posts, blind mortised end posts and 90 degree mortised corner posts, all are the same price

We stock 8′ rail if you need it for $ .50 more per foot, and if you need to purchase individual components we can sell that way as well.

And on orders over 100′ we throw in 1 post for free to end the run.

Mill Outlet is the source for cedar split rail for western Washington and beyond


Weekend Warriors

Some people build a deck on the weekend, or a fence, or a backyard shed. Some do nothing, or watch sports or read a book. Not at Mill Outlet Lumber. This Saturday we spent the day building new stand up lumber rack, to better store and organize our fine cedar lumber.


And, Yes that is Norris with his sleeves rolled up and level in hand doing a lot more than supervising. Mill Outlet Lumber, always improving, always bringing you more.


So many options

Every day it seems we have more and more options in cedar products. All sorts of vertical grain clear cedar from 1×2- 2×12 at ridiculously affordable prices. Now most recently we are bringing on a constant supply of appearance cedar timbers in 4×4, 4×6 and 6×6 for now with more sizes on the way. These timbers are all full dimension rough sawn and old growth high quality material. In the same type of lumber we also now have 2×8, 2×10 and 2×12, mainly in 12′ and shorter lengths.