Fasteners are important

While we do not carry a wide assortment of fasteners at Mill Outlet, we do try to make careful choices about what we do carry.First of all we carry bronze ceramic coated screws in a variety of sizes. 1 5/8 Trim head for attaching fence boards, 2 1/2″ and 3″ Trim head for fastening either 1″ or 1 1/2″ deck boards. In addition to being bronze ceramic coated these screws are also “Star Drive” which eliminates spin out and reduces the amount of pressure required while driving screws. The small trim head nearly disappears when driven beneath the surface of a board and the coating is compatible with corrosive pressure treated lumber.


It doesn’t stop there since we also offer a line up of standard headed screws in 2 1/2″, 3″ and 4″. These can be used for any sort of construction purposes that requires an easy to drive, strong and corrosion resistant fastener.

All of these Bronze ceramic coated screws are available in handy reusable 1#, 5# buckets and bulk containers for larger jobs.

On another completely different note we also stock a complete line of the Camo hidden  fastening system. This is a combination of ideas I wish I had thought of. It begins with the Camo tool which positions the screw angle perfectly every time while spacing the boards as well. The screws have a unique chisel point which drills through the deck board instead of splitting its way. These screws also Have locking reverse threads at the top and nearly invisible trim heads that are driven by a tiny star drive bit. They are Ceramic coated or for maximum longevity stainless steel with a black coating for camouflage.

Camo Tool

1 thought on “Fasteners are important

  1. Good article – in New Zealand over recent years they has been a lot of testing on fastener corrosion with timber treated with high amounts of Copper such as CCA – and the evidence here is very clear that with high copper treated timbers, definitely use either Silicon Bronze or Stainless Steel not Galv fasteners – see the reports here: Stainless Steel Fasteners with Treated Timber</a

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