Cedar Timbers are Back

Just arrived Rough sawn Western Red Cedar Timbers, full Dimension, good lengths and excellent quality. Our supplies have been running low, but we just found this great material at a great price, so we can offer it to you below normal wholesale cost.


Perfect timing too, with spring right around the corner these timbers are perfect for all types of outdoor projects. Elaborate gates, garden arbors and pergolas. One customer, yesterday was building a decorative bridge. Another is building a massive ranch gate in Eastern Washington. Cedar timbers such as this are not always easy to find and sometimes when you need then most you are forced to pay full price.


4×4-$2.00/foot 42/20′, 41/14′
4×6-$3.00 foot 10/20′, 10/18′, 26/16′, 16/14′, 12/12′, 16/10′, 10/8′
4×8-$4.00 foot 6/16′
6×6-$6.00 foot 32/20′, 14/18′, 39/16′, 16/14′, 14/12′, 16/10′, 14/8′
8×8-$10.00 foot 2/22′, 2/20′, 6/18′, 3/10′, 9/8′

Don’t forget, we also have older stock 6×6 surfaced 4 sides for only $3.00 per lineal foot While it lasts and 2×8,10&12 for overhead structures and raised beds at great prices.


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