Perfect for me, Perfect for You?

This morning I was responding to an E mail inquiry for some clear utility cedar we have. The customer wanted specified lengths and in the end said, oh yeah and the boards need to be  perfect.


Perfect ?

This was a reminder to me of why I enjoy selling lumber products so much. I reminded him that if these boards were quote, unquote perfect they would be more like $6-$7 per board foot instead of $2.50. What I considered but did not mention was that even the $6 per foot boards would not be perfect for some or even most people when all facts are considered. The boards might be straight, tight and vertical grained, perfectly dried and of consistent color, perfectly surfaced and edged, but who can afford $6.00 per board foot. That is $100.00 for 2-10 foot 1×10 boards, not perfect for me at least.


Perfect ?

So perfect for me is making sure that what you get is perfect for you, your project, at this point and time. We work hard to carry the right combination of product, price and value to fit the majority of your needs and expectations. We make ourselves readily available to tell you about those items so that you can see clearly how they will work into your idea of perfection. We will never strong arm a customer into taking something they don’t want or need, We are only here to listen, inform, answer questions and Deliver!

Clear vertical grain cedar or fir, excellent fence board and supplies, Pressure Treated lumber, affordable shop grade plywood, cedar split rail, Utility cedar lumber, low grade, high value bargains we are constantly searching for. Quick, drive through service and knowledgeable, polite answers to all of your questions.

So, what I am saying is,,, what is perfect for us is finding the wood products that are perfect for you.

…….Mill Outlet Lumber


Perfect ?

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