Black Friday, Bah!


There are no Black Fridays at Mill Outlet Lumber, We are here today, getting caught up on chores and getting things done! And we will be here again tomorrow doing more of the same. If you are tired of all the shopping hype and are more interested in a sense of accomplishment, come and see us, we will help you out. Cedar Fencing, Shingles, Shakes Siding and Boards. Shop grade plywood and T-1-11 siding, Pressure Treated Lumber and competitive, money saving prices on it all. I refuse to call a day, black, so today is “Mill Outlet Friday” just another day of cost saving and sensible answers to your lumber questions, no need to glamorize it.


3 thoughts on “Black Friday, Bah!

  1. Hi…
    I am interested in purchasing 10 sheets of 4×8 T 1-11 16″ CENTER. I am wondering what the defect is on this product and the current cost of such. Thank you.


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